The comparison has nothing to do with the ubiquity of the toy or the perceived therapeutic benefit. It is about the SPIN.

Designed to be spun between finger and thumb the duration of the FIDGET SPINNER’s spin is based on the INITIAL FORCE that is applied. It is the INITIAL FORCE which is synonymous with the EARLY DECISIONS that we make before we embark on a career.

The quality and the strength of this INITIAL FORCE is determined by the KNOWLEDGE you have ALREADY GAINED and the ADVICE that you receive from PROFESSIONALS.

Your EARLY DECISIONS determine how much you gain and achieve when you embark on the career of your choice. Some key things to take note when taking such life changing DECISIONS are –

  1. Start planning early – typically decisions about your career should be FORMED very early on in your university days advisably during the first year in college. You should REFINE them as you learn more about the course you are doing and how it addresses the INDUSTRY NEEDS.
  2. Additional qualifications – as you ALIGN your education to the INDUSTRY NEEDS you understand the need to acquire additional skills like CERTIFICATIONS or SOFT SKILLS.
  3.  Networking – talking to your seniors who have started will give you better INSIGHTS into their career and sometimes their PITFALLS. Meet them for a drink and don’t talk on the phone.
  4.  Guidance – no one knows you better than your parents. GUIDANCE by your parents and people who are related is a very VALUABLE tool to select the right CAREER.

Besides all the above the role of CAREER COUNSELLORS is becoming more and more relevant in the current era. The CAREER COUNSELLORS are people with enormous amount of PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE who can guide you through the MAZE of MYRIAD options that exist in today’s world.

Let’s accept, all the above are IMPORTANT to strengthen the INTIAL PUSH to SUSTAIN your CAREER SPIN.

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