Hot IT Skills Employers Need!

Software Development/Customisation

This is evergreen skills required by employers across IT Industry. They need IT professionals who have inherent passion for programming as well as ability learn, unlearrn and relearn programming languages which are in demand.

There is also demand to customize packaged applications to suit specific needs of organisations e.g. SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, WorkDay, etc. It will also require to demonstrate good domain knowledge in area of Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Procurement, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management etc.

Software Quality Assurance

This skill is required in those organisations where IT function is very large or IT Services Companies. Good knowledge of various types of software testing and skills on leading testing tools as well as international standard such as CMMI or ISO will be advantageous.

Project Management

IT Project Management is an essential skill for those who wants to move from doing technical delivery to managing delivery. Good project managers are always in demand.

IT Security

Internet adoption has grown exponentially in recent years. This has made internet connected or enabled IT systems and related infrastructure inherently very insecure. IT security skills are in great demand these days.

Compliance/Risk Management

This is a must skill to help IT function to comply with regulations and manage key IT risks.

IT Audit

This is a must skill to help internal audit function to audit key IT systems and related infrastructure.


Cloud offers tremendous cost savings to the organisations. Adoption of cloud in form of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS is growing exponentially. CIOs have been asked about roadmap to migrate whole IT stack to cloud. This is very hot skills these days.

Business Analytics

In recent years automation of business processes have grown exponentially. This has led to tremendous amount of data being stored but not analysed.

Organisations have started build analytical applications to analyse vast amount of data to know ‘Unknowns’. This has led to growth in job opportunities for business analytics skills.

There are two types of business analytics skills: one deals with presentation of data and other deals with statistical or mathematical analysis of data.

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