The comparison has nothing to do with the ubiquity of the toy or the perceived therapeutic benefit. It is about the SPIN. Designed to be spun between finger and thumb the duration of the FIDGET SPINNER’s spin is based on the INITIAL FORCE that is applied. It is the INITIAL FORCE which is synonymous with […]

Do you know career in Public Policy is very promising?

All of us are always impacted by government policies from time to time. Impact on us is significant in areas of education, healthcare, housing, employment or agriculture. Government’s primary job is to make and implement policies for social and economic development of country and its citizens. All government policies are fiercely debated, appreciated and criticized  […]

Financial Support Options for Overseas Education

Those who have completed or completing their undergraduate degrees, I would encourage them to pursue masters or PhD degrees from a reputable university overseas. Unlike most universities (though it is changing now), there is lot of emphasis on research in overseas universities. This provides two key benefits to prospecting students. Firstly they will have chance […]

Hot IT Skills Employers Need!

Software Development/Customisation This is evergreen skills required by employers across IT Industry. They need IT professionals who have inherent passion for programming as well as ability learn, unlearrn and relearn programming languages which are in demand. There is also demand to customize packaged applications to suit specific needs of organisations e.g. SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, […]

Exploring Emerging Role of Enterprise Architects

Who are Enterprise Architects? Enterprise architects are like city planners, providing the road maps and regulations that a city uses to manage its growth and provide services to its citizens. Enterprise architects work with stakeholders, both leadership and subject matter experts, to build a holistic view of the organization’s strategy, processes, information, and information technology […]